About Us

At its most basic service and delivery level, a managed service provider can help your organization improve contingent staffing process efficiency, boost talent supply chain efficacy, introduce better cost controls and provide you with superior access to contingent workers.

Service Areas

We help you build a more efficient and rewarding power management practice.

Information Technology

HR & Payroll Management

Contract Management

Vendor Management

Compliance Management

Procurement Sourcing

MSP's built to enable evolution

Today’s evolving IT organizations need a new support model, and a new relationship with their providers. Here comes the role of proven engineers to make things easy 

Our Vision

Who We Are

We drive a positive change to the traditional means of services that will maximize savings yet maintaining efficiency

SMAB Consultants is a cutting edge technology company and a leader in Managed Services, be it network managed services or application managed services or be it help desk support services providing solutions for IT  organizations.

In this highly competitive marketplace we find ourselves in, you need to be able to set your company apart from all of the others by operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This is one of the most effective ways of staying competitive and succeeding in today’s market. When you outsource your managed services, you can focus on your core business – such as your direction, strategies, and growth, instead of being bogged down by administrative work. Plus, the enhanced accuracy, reduced liabilities, and cost savings will help you manage your business to the best of your ability.

The SMAB Consultants MSP Advantage

SMAB Consultants compute and storage resources into a single appliance, delivering cost savings and predictable scalability for all types of virtual workloads.

Trusted Methods

Highly Trusted Infrastructure and Professionals that will help you get the right solutions for your business ideas

Easily Scalable

Our systems are highly scalable and upgraded from time to time with cost effective solutions to all your service needs

Reduce Operational Costs

One of the biggest advantage of MSP is the reduction of the operational costs where everything will be taken care of by SMAB

Low DownTime

Heavy Infrastructure with Improved Server Technology helps slash downtime and speed troubleshooting through smart analytics

Easy Disaster Recovery

In case of disaster, we ensure affordable data protection and security , we help leverage technology through expert professionals

Reduce Upfront Costs

Share infrastructure across different customers and apps without performance impact, reducing IT costs by over 30% versus legacy architectures.

Perform, Grow and Flourish.

SMAB Managed Services provides what every business needs to perform, grow and flourish.

Optimize the Value of building business

We understand your business and we help you with our ideas for a better sustainability and growth

Build a stronger Workforce

A smarter workforce always helps in building a stronger platfoirm for all to work with and SMAB helps it here

Tell us about your problems... Really, we want to know!